16 Feb

Do you think maybe I have a problem?

Purse from Better on You (consignment store on 8th St.), Fossil ballet flats from The Bay, plastic iPhone case from Amazon.com


Market Collective? Oui, S’il Vous Plait!

15 Feb

I popped by Market Collective this past weekend.

Wanna see what I got?

The necklace is from Peeko Apparel. I love it for so many reasons, not the least of which is I can now answer people’s questions by brandishing my jewelry.

“Would you like fries with that?” …  “Non”

“Would you like cheesecake with that?” …. “Oui!”

I would like to affix a “peut-etre” charm one of these days, too!

Also at Market Collective, my leatherworker friend Connor showed off his wares. The booth was very, very busy!

Upstairs there was a space where you could write messages to your adolescent self. Here are my humble contributions:


Keep hanging out with the drama club geeks. It's more fun than trying to be popular!



All in all a great Sunday! Swoon!

Moroccan Vegevangelist

14 Feb

I have been evangelical in my love of this recipe from the Moosewood New Classics cookbook. I will tell anyone who will listen how easy and delicious and healthful it is. I will shout it from the rooftops!

I — and at least two friends — made it last night. One friend exclaimed I was forever in her and her hubby’s debt for introducing her to the recipe, though the folks at Moosewood deserve the credit.

I made a few wee changes to the recipe:

1) a little more cayenne, because I like a little more heat than most.

2) roasted the veggies about 10 minutes longer, since the sweet potatoes were a little harder than I would have liked.

3) ditched the eggplant because the one I bought from Safeway was all mushy and brown inside. But that’s neither here nor there.

I bet you could just mix up the spices, lemon juice, oil etc. and toss with whatever veggies you have lying around! It seems like it would lend itself to interpretation, which I like in a recipe!

It freezes well, and makes a great lunch for work! Bon appetit!

Slow Dance With Me

11 Feb

There’s been talk amongst my group of friends about organizing a slow dance night. It’s something that apparently happens in Montreal.

Y’all what I’m talking about… arms-length swaying, clammy palms, rubber soles squeaking against gym floor. 

 All 4 One.

That I’m a Jewish girl from Thornhill makes me something of an expert in awkward slowdancing. It was a highlight of the bar/bat mitzvah circuit, which, of course, co-incided with the most awkward phase of my very, very awkward life. Ditto summer camp socials.

Not that many boys asked this (formerly) skinny, bucktoothed and (still) awkward girl to dance….

Maybe this slow dance party can be something of a do-over?

What are your favourite slow-dance songs? Write ’em down in the comments, and maybe your suggestions will go on the playlist!

Here’s one of mine:

…because I’m classy like that… (or I fail at blogging)

9 Feb


1) I’ve had two glasses of wine

2) I’m a lightweight

3) I didn’t really eat dinner.

A very stylish friend, A,  invited me to be her date for this fashion industry mixer. I was nursing a terrible chinook headache today and wasn’t sure I was going to go. And then I had kind of a crazy day at work — above and beyond the headache — and decided “what the hey.” My friend A is fun fun fun, and I wanted to wear a pretty dress and people-watch and drink wine.

Also, I’m kind of an aspiring fashion/food/puppy blogger. So… networking? Right? I guess? I legitimately do work in the media — though not in any sort of fashion-related way (I wish!) — so I figure I had a right to be there… kind of.

I bought this red dress from Banana Republic on clearance more than a year ago. Thing was, it was a whole size too big and I never wore it. I figured, “Feh! I can get it altered! Totally worth buying for the sale price even though it doesn’t fit!” Wrong. It sat in a pile in my to-be-altered/dry-cleaned pile for a WHOLE YEAR until I bit the bullet and (expensively) got it taken in this week. I should have bought it in my size, regular price. Or eaten creme brulee — my favourite — every day until I filled it out.

It’s cute, though. Wanna see? (from the waist up on my iPhone hipstamatic app, with me looking really tired and tipsy)

I should have worn heels, but my back hurt and I was tired so I wore black ballet flats with it. I was the shortest person there, because most of the girls were either a) models or b) wearing  heels, like one should at such events.


Anyway. It found myself in a conversation about blogging, and mentioned I had just started a blog. Some guy said he hated the word “blog” and my friend A said she hated the word “artsy.” And I blurted that I’d start artsyfartsyblog.com just to be a jerk, and no one really found it funny.

The guy said Consistency is the key to blogging. And inside my head I was kind of embarrassed that I have blogged about random shit like grilled cheese sandwiches and PUPPIES and My So Called Life. And then I thought maybe I shouldn’t call myself a fashion blogger or a food blogger but a whateverthehellifeellikegoddamnit blogger.

A, and this awesome fashion blogger who’s better at it than I’ll ever be, said they’d feel guilty about swiping photos from the web to use in their blog. And I was all “should I feel guilty for scooping pictures of Rayanne Graff  and Brian Krakow and Angela Chase and PUPPIES without PAYING? Am I worse than a Somali pirate?


So anyway, it was a ton of fun to watch all the more-stylish-than-me people and decide who is a model, and who is just tall.

As I walked home, I had a craving for All Dressed-flavoured Ruffles (remember, I hadn’t really eaten dinner) and stopped by Mac’s to get a bag.

Because I’m classy like that.

And scene.

puppies puppies puppies puppies PUPPIES!

8 Feb

There’s nothing like PUPPIES (in a bathtub!) to warm one’s heart on a cold, cold, cold wintry day.

If good Samaritans also warm your heart, you can read about the great puppy rescue here!

If award-winning public radio programs and PUPPIES and megaschlocks also warm your heart, you should listen to this. Seriously.


Apple and cheddar: together at last

5 Feb

Fruit and cheese were meant to be together. Strawberries and goat cheese mingling in a spinach salad. Brie and Pear wedded in panini bliss (the only thing I ever order at  The Coup. Like, I’m sure there are a bajillion other things on their menu I’d love. But man! That panini is what I always crave!) And today, that quintessential comfort food — grilled cheese — with a delicious fruity twist.

I wolfed it down so fast I forgot to take a photo. So, just use your imagination.

I took some aged white cheddar, and I melted it just so on a buttered piece of dense, seed-filled multigrain bread. Then I sliced up some apple real thin-like and placed it on top of the cheese. It was a great way to use this apple I had kicking around my fridge. You see, I’m allergic to apples (and pears and plums and peaches and cherries and nectarines), but only when they’re raw. If I cook them — even just a little — whatever makes my mouth all itchy and numb-feeling disappears. I know! Weird eh? (If you’re wondering what apples were doing in my fridge, when I’m allergic, it’s cause I used them in muffins last week and had a bit left over.)

Then — get this — I spread some mango chutney on another slice of bread, buttered the other side and put it all together, flipping it over a couple of times in the pan to get it nice and golden.

The results were delicious. Try it some time!